FRoSTA is the market leader for frozen meals in Germany. Since 2003 FRoSTA has consistently dispensed with additives, flavors and other additives in all of its products. Since 2015 FRoSTA has been the only food brand to print the countries of origin of all ingredients directly on the packaging, thus implementing a long-standing demand by consumer associations. Maximum transparency as well as sustainability are further demonstrated by winning the German Sustainability Award in 2012 and the anniversary award of the German Sustainability Award of all previous award winners in 2017.

FRoSTA AG employs 1,778 people at four corporate headquarters in Germany and other European locations and generated sales of €551.8 million in 2020.

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Vision on the social effects

As part of the formative evaluation of BioVal, the scientific team together with FRoSTA discussed at the beginning of the project what output and societal impact should be achieved with the transdisciplinary collaboration in the BioVal project. The “impact story” that was knitted here can be read here: Download