Vision on the social impact – Reallabor Seeberger GmbH

Seeberger is investigating how biodiversity can be integrated into supplier management so that biodiversity on agricultural land is better protected and promoted in the future. You can read about the planned output and societal impact with the transdisciplinary collaboration in the BioVal project in “Seeberger’s Impact Story” (german only).

Social Impact – Vision of FRoSTA AG

Together with FRoSTA, the living lab “Biodiversity at product level” pursues the goal of integrating biodiversity at the management level into its merchandise management system in order to accompany practically implemented projects in a scientifically sound manner. You can read about the results and the planned societal impact of the…

Ritter Sport – Vision on social impact

As one of the living labs in the BioVal project, Ritter Sport has set itself the goal of reviewing and further developing the existing target systems for raw materials with regard to biodiversity impacts in raw material procurement in order to contribute to the stabilization or promotion of biodiversity. You…

NEW: english Website online

We are very pleased to announce that an English language website is now available for our research project BioVal. Would you like your company to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity? And are you interested in the connection between the impact of food production and consumption on biodiversity? Keep up…

Survey: Drivers & Barriers in Corporate Biodiversity Management

As part of a departmental research project of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, WWF Germany is currently conducting a survey on drivers and barriers in corporate biodiversity management. The aim of the survey is to find out which barriers (e.g. high costs or high complexity) and drivers (e.g. regulatory…

EMAN Europe 2022: Presentation of research results BioVal

Vom 16. – 17. Juni 2022 war Charlott Hübel auf der EMAN-Konferenz (The Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Networking) in Donostia-San Sebastián. Current developments and research projects on the topics of measuring, reporting, evaluating and managing corporate sustainability were discussed there. The focus this year, in addition to this year’s…

Documentation XIII ZNU-Future-Conference on 05. & 06. May 2022

Gemeinsam den Transformationsprozess gestalten – Wie sieht machbare und messbare Nachhaltigkeit aus? Around 120 participants from politics, companies and NGOs discussed the topic „Gemeinsam den Transformationsprozess gestalten: Wie sieht machbare und messbare Nachhaltigkeit aus?“. With the Green Deal 2030 and the political goal of climate neutrality by 2050, Europe has…

Date: XIII ZNU-Future-Conference on 05. & 06. May 2022

After two years of digital conferences the ZNU – Center for Sustainable Leadership at Witten/Herdecke University is hosting the XIII ZNU Future Conference on 05. & 06 May 2022 in KOMED MediaPark (Cologne). This year the speakers and participants will discuss the topic “Gemeinsam den Transformationsprozess gestalten – Wie sieht…