Dr. Jasmin Wiefek, ZTG, Formative evaluation

Jasmin Wiefek is a psychologist and has been a research assistant at the ZTG since November 2021. Previously, she conducted research at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, the Norbert Elias Center for Transformation Design and Research, and the Environmental Psychology Research Group. Her research focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary transformation and sustainability research, sustainable production and consumption, degrowth, and research on the common good economy. She has also completed advanced training in permaculture, wilderness education and sociocracy, and as co-founder of the Club of the Good Future, she provides social-ecological transformation impulses to professionals and executives.


Since 2021

Research associate at ZTG

Since 2021

CEO of Wiefek & Kny Transformation Dialog GbR

Since 2020

Co-founder of the "Club der guten Zukunft"

2019 – 2021

Research associate at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. Potsdam

Since 2017

Co-creator of the "Salon and Stammtisch für Transformation"

2014 – 2018

Guest lecturer in the environmental education program at University of Hildesheim

2013 – 2020

Research associate / assistant at the Norbert Elias Center for Transformation Design & Research at the European University Flensburg

2013 – 2016

Co-founder of transition>>lab and involvement in setting-up the social-ecological co-working space Thinkfarm Berlin

2012 – 2013

Research assistant in the Research Group Environmental Psychology


Research assistant at the University Hospital Göttingen


Alpine herder in Switzerland



Trainee on "Lernpfad zur Wildgestaltung" - Büro für sozialen Humusaufbau Freiburg

2016 – 2021

PhD "Companies Contributing to the Common Good - An Empirical Study about the Common Good Approach in Entrepreneurial Practice" at Freie Universität of Berlin

2005 – 2011

Diploma studies in psychology at the Georg-August-Universtität Göttingen and La Sapienza in Rome - Diploma thesis on the topic: Satisfaction with local supply in the district of Göttingen - a campaign proposal based on the analysis of consumer behavior in rural areas

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  • Wiefek, Jasmin; Heinitz, Kathrin (2021): The common good balance sheet and employees´ perceptions, attitudes and behaviours. Sustainability, 13(3), 1592. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13031592
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