Seeberger GmbH

Seeberger whets the appetite for nature. And this for 175 years. Each nut, each fruit, each kernel represents the unique taste of nature. Whether pure, refined, as a mix or bar – each characteristic Seeberger packaging contains only natural products of the best quality and taste. To this end, the family-owned company sources only the highest quality raw materials from over 50 countries. At its founding site in Ulm, the traditional company employs 600 of a total of 800 people who give their best every day with a passion for enjoyment. Catering and corporate customers also benefit from the fine quality of Seeberger products: For them, Seeberger Professional offers not only luxury products such as coffee and tea, but also complete solutions with state-of-the-art vending machine technology.

Sustainability is firmly rooted in Seeberger’s corporate values. Social, ecological and economic responsibility determines daily activities and continually presents the company with new tasks and challenges. The goal: to shape trade and work environments in such a way that future generations can also enjoy nature and its valuable natural products. In order to achieve this goal, Seeberger works with passion and innovation to constantly reflect on processes and work steps and to change them if necessary: From fair conditions and sustainable cultivation at the supplier partners in the countries of origin to a transparent supply chain and a conscious and careful use of resources at the company site in Ulm. For a livable and pleasant future.

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Vision on the social effects

As part of the formative evaluation of BioVal, the scientific team together with Seeberger discussed at the beginning of the project what output and societal impact should be achieved with the transdisciplinary collaboration in the BioVal project. The “impact story” that was knitted here can be read here: Download