Augsburg University

For over 50 years, the University of Augsburg has stood for an innovative and forward-looking range of studies and research. It is supported by 230 professors and more than 4,000 employees and offers almost 5,000 courses in 86 degree programmes per semester. Research at the University of Augsburg is oriented towards the socially relevant questions of our time. Major research topics are environment and climate, health and medicine, new materials and materials, data and artificial intelligence, society and history, economics and law, languages and literature, teaching and learning research, and art and music. Between the disciplines of geography, medicine, environmental and economic sciences, the Centre for Climate Resilience develops holistic and implementable strategies for unavoidable consequences of climate change. The Materials and Environmental Research User Centre (AMU) promotes exchange between physics, materials science and companies. Research and teaching benefit from the amenities that come with a campus university. Short distances ensure both easy exchange between researchers and good conditions for students.

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